About the artist

Artist statement:

My process is not very linear except for the part where I get up in the morning, drink coffee, and go to my studio. My paintings are done in small increments. Random bursts followed by editing. It comes down to composition. I choose my colors from the remainders aisle in the paint section at Lowes. It’s like foraging.


Through the use of pastel yellows and pinks and subtle, soft, sanded-down surfaces, the flat rectangles seem to be emitting light. Wolhandler’s wonderful paintings — and the related works on paper — are serene and luxurious. They are as much about touch as they are about color and light. Is that their secret? Yes, they are color, light, and touch, made whole.

- John Perreault

The Messy Minimalist

An artist determined to convince us that his plans to build in the 4th dimension are entirely possible.


Larry studied at Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris, France, and during his 10-year residence there, he taught art at the American University in Paris. Additionally, he received a French government fellowship at the American Cultural Center and a 3-year residency at the prestigious Cité Internationale des Arts in the Marais district. During this period, he showed his work extensively at various galleries, such as Galerie du 7ème and Galerie Angus Françoise, and was featured at Le Festival du Marais in Paris.

In the United States, he has participated in various one-man exhibits and group shows — in New York at David Zwirner Gallery, Spencer Brownstone Gallery, High Noon Gallery, and the O.K. Harris Gallery, on Long Island at Marquee Projects and Lawrence Fine Arts, in Hoboken, New Jersey at PROTO Gallery, and in Baltimore, Maryland at Sascha One Gallery. His works are held in numerous private collections and he has been covered by various publications including The New York Times, The Long Island Advance, Artfix Daily, and Street Art News. The artist lives in New York and maintains a studio in Brookhaven, NY.


Review of Honoring the Dog-Legging Horizon at Spencer Brownstone Gallery: The work is a rich assortment of abstract paintings made in the last year or so, ranging from the minimalism of Jule Korneffels large, densely layered Godzilla to Larry Wolhandlers Ryman-like experimentalism. Both are excellent examples of restraint. Korneffels piece consists of two dots, one green and the other pink, that stand in opposition to each other in a thin sea of blue covering reddish ground. The more you look, the choppier the water feels, exuding a quiet rumbling. By contrast, Wolhandlers untitled piece presents two adjacent squares, one filled in nicely the other open. The square peg longs for the round hole to its left, the impossibility of which is both frustrating and delightful.